At Titan Drone Inc. our philosophy is simple. We want to provide you with the best drone accessory products on the market.  We pride ourselves in our products, process, and quality. 


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April 18, 2017

April 6, 2017

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STEM event in Tampa

April 18, 2017

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A little history

April 6, 2017

Titan Drones, Inc. was officially formed nearly a year ago.  The story starts several months before that around December 2015, to be exact.  My other company is a manufacturer and distributor of automotive accessories.  Like many others this started as a hobby and grew from there.  Prior to officially incorporating the company I was attempting to fly my phantom 3 Pro (my first drone) in my neighborhood as I had done several times.  Only this was after a software update and for some reason it appeared I could only fly about 800 feet where I had previously come close to 1 mile in range.  This started my search for range extenders.


First I tried the parabolic reflectors you mount around your factory antennas.  I got slightly better range but I guess that could have been environmental.  Regardless, I only tired once as I came nowhere close to the mile range with which I was accustomed.  I then decided to go a bit deeper and research antenna systems, boosters, antenna technology in general, gain, dbi, attenuation, etc.  I have an MBA and am no stranger to in depth research so this would be my mission for the next several months.  


As my collection of antenna systems grew it do so along with my collection of drones.  With my personal investment increasing and my wife's patience decreasing I decided I could do better than whats out there now so I decided to turn this into a business.  In all honesty though my wife has been a champ throughout the whole process and she even pretends to be interested when I show her my new toys; I love you honey!  Titan Drones, Inc. was officially formed in May 2016.  Our main goal was to use our manufacturing background to build an antenna system that would best anything out there.


Now remember we had tried every range extender out there at this time.  I wont bash the competition as their products generally speaking do work.  We simply wanted to make our products better especially with the looks and the bulkiness.  Everything out there at that time mounted to the remote controller, required drilling your remote controller, and had exposed batteries and cables.  They were definitely enough to scare the neighbors, so to speak, if they happen to see you using the RC.  Actually, at first we were going to "better" the other guys' products by making better housings and using tooled parts as opposed to 3d printed parts.  We even ordered some antennas from one of those other guys to retrofit them into our newly designed bracket but decided we did a good job at concealing the components but only added to the weight.  So we scrapped these plans and I began to sketch a new idea.


I decided I wanted a nice light remote when I fly that had no large antenna or bulky batteries and cables showing.  This goal led to the creation of the Command Case.  Not only did we succeed in creating a system where we didn't have the boosted antenna components mounted to the RC but we took it a step further and allowed you to take your tablet off the RC as well.  After months and month of testing components, configurations, and designing antennas the Command Case Ground Station was born and Launched in November 2016.







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